Property Law Firm provides efficient and effective legal service for people dealing with probate. Probate refers to the legal process that occurs after someone dies. The process can be confusing and usually requires the help of a qualified attorney.

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What is Probate?

Probate involves all estate administration proceedings after a person dies, including:

  • Proving that the deceased person’s will is valid
  • Creating an inventory of the deceased person’s property
  • Appraising the property
  • Paying off and taxes and debts left behind
  • Distributing property as outlined in the will

If there is not a will, the property will be distributed according to state law. Property that is transferred directly to others will not be subject to probate proceedings. These include life insurance and retirement plans payable to a specific beneficiary, and property that is owned by the deceased and another person.

Who Handles Probate?

When a person has a will, he or she will usually name someone the executor. This person will be in charge of handling probate. If there is not a will, the probate court will assign someone the job. This is usually the person who is inheriting the majority of the deceased person’s property or the closest living relative. It is important to note that anyone who is not an executor or administrator can be held liable if they deal with a deceased person’s property.

Is Probate Necessary?

In some instances, formal probate proceedings are not necessary. The parties involved and their attorneys will decide this. It is important to consult an attorney before making a decision. Probate is necessary for the following reasons:

  • Determining if there is a valid will
  • Determining who is the executor
  • Accounting for all the assets and property of the deceased
  • Ensuring the property of the estate is protected and is divided as the person wished
  • Making sure ownership of property is transferred correctly and to the right people

Certain paperwork must be filed within 6 months of the person’s death.

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