NOTICE: During the current quarantine order/stay at home/shelter in place orders, our physical office is closed, but Property Law Firm is fully operational. Its attorneys and staff remain working full time on a remote basis.  All emails, documents, faxes, court matters and your files are just as available to us as if we were in the office and at our desks.

If you call our direct dial phone numbers and we don’t immediately pick up, please leave a voicemail. Your voicemail and faxes will be emailed to us via our cell phones or computer email, and we will return your call or address your matter as soon as possible.

We will also set up conference calls or video conferencing, as needed, to meet our clients’ needs.

As Court related schedules are changing rapidly to address the current COVID-19 situation, we will keep you apprised as to the status any scheduled hearings (in person or via conference) as many will have to be rescheduled as the Courts determine the best method of handling each case.

We have prepared a sign requesting Fed-Ex and UPS deliveries be forwarded.  Our goal is to try to check U.S. Postal mail on a semi-weekly basis to make sure that any mail received is also handled and addressed promptly.

Direct dial phone numbers are:

Michelle W. Burns: (913) 396-5103

Doug Patterson: (913) 396-5105

Kellie Warren: (913) 396-5121

Lisa McLellan: (913) 396-5101

Anne Geier: (913) 396-5116

Main Switchboard: (913) 663-1300

We are taking this seriously. By doing so, we hope this emergency is short lived and that we can return to in-office operations. You be safe as well.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

Coping with the business and property consequences of COVID-19 As we all try to assimilate back into an economy, we know that following the immediate pandemic, consequences will follow. Mortgages and loans will be delinquent, rents and other items will be unpaid, revenue will be reduced, operating expenses will remain. Values will be reduced, claims will be made and defended, the market will be cautious, and projects will have been delayed. Office and retail demand will be different, some receiving financial assistance will not use these funds for proper purposes – all the while, we remain concerned that the virus may return.

Laws dealing with the pandemic and how to continue business and life in the aftermath are being written and changed by the day. How do we deal with damage of the crisis? Good planning is essential.

The future must not mirror the 2008-09 Great Recession. Cool heads and common sense must prevail.

Property Law Firm, LLC is staying current on the evolving laws and is ready to deal with the issue between lenders, landlords, tenants and owners of businesses and properties so as to help make the aftermath as recoverable as possible for all concerned. Let us know if we can try to help.

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Property Law Firm provides high quality legal representation, focused on complex matters involving real estate and estate planning. Known for integrity, creativity and knowledge, the attorneys at Property Law Firm continue to deliver high quality legal representation for individuals and families throughout Kansas.

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